integration-of-great-ideas-into-a-manageable-training-programAaron Singerman
Integration of Great Ideas into a Manageable Training Program
There are many programs out in the training world. Few have stood the test of time like the Reg Park and Bill Starr 5×5 routine, but I am sure that
suffer-and-succeed-in-silenceAaron Singerman
Suffer and Succeed in Silence
There’s something to be said for those who do not speak. I spent the greater part of a decade coaching at the Division-I level. The remaining fraction
how-do-we-make-money-now?Aaron Singerman
How Do We Make Money Now?
“The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.” Many gym businesses and coaches are slowly but surely starting to reopen and conduct business again.
a-home-gym-made-of-woodAaron Singerman
A Home Gym Made of Wood
Little Old Man Update The calendar has registered another year alive. The numbers keep coming but physically I can’t tell any difference.
the-covid-proof-waverly-project-in-phase-iiAaron Singerman
The COVID-Proof Waverly Project in Phase II
Waverly High School’s weight room is outfitted by elitefts. I provide programming for their student-athletes. In late February of 2020, I was in
an-open-letter-to-jm-blakleyAaron Singerman
An Open Letter to JM Blakley
Dear JM, If you consider this is a strange “open letter,” you may be right. I suspect you have received stranger requests along your journey.
never-pull-a-hamstring-againAaron Singerman
Never Pull a Hamstring Again
Hamstring injuries are the most common soft tissue injuries in team sports such as soccer, rugby, AFL, and American Football [1,2,3]. This is likely because
utilization-and-progressions-of-the-hip-thrust-in-baseballAaron Singerman
Utilization and Progressions of the Hip Thrust in Baseball
In all sports, not just baseball, having a strong posterior chain is an integral piece to performance and injury prevention. The pelvis and surrounding
steve-weinberger-and-sandy-williamson-talk-about-the-evolution-of-women’s-bodybuildingAaron Singerman
Steve Weinberger and Sandy Williamson Talk About the Evolution of Women’s Bodybuilding
Femme Flex Friday host Alina Popa and current co-host Whitney Jones are no stranger to facing judges. The former Rising Phoenix World Champion and two-time
‘mnm’-hosts-slam-social-media,-hope-for-the-return-of-magazinesAaron Singerman
‘MNM’ Hosts Slam Social Media, Hope For the Return of Magazines
“Monday Night Muscle” hosts Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo are both longtime players in the sport of bodybuilding. Their connections go back to the 1970’s