several-2021-olympians-are-showing-social-media-how-it’s-done-on-back-dayAaron Singerman
Several 2021 Olympians Are Showing Social Media How It’s Done on Back Day
@barbara_menage_ifbb_pro/@raymontedmonds/@cbum/instagram Any bodybuilder or physique athlete who has competed knows the following statement: “Bodybuilding
the-ultimate-champions’-quads-workoutAaron Singerman
The Ultimate Champions’ Quads Workout
Dean Drobot / Shutterstock Everyone who trains at the gym on a regular basis knows what separates the greats from the rest of the pack — leg day!
celebrity-trainer-rashid-shabazz-wants-to-challenge-you-to-‘roc’-the-summerAaron Singerman
Celebrity Trainer Rashid Shabazz Wants to Challenge You to ‘Roc’ the Summer
In a circa 2021 fitness landscape full of endless burpees, boot camps, and live streaming cardio, Rashid Shabazz, also known as “Roc,” is sticking with
new-york-pro-212-winner-nathan-epler-shares-his-‘dirty’-quad-building-planAaron Singerman
New York Pro 212 winner Nathan Epler Shares His ‘Dirty’ Quad-Building Plan
The 2021 New York Pro was already a significant event, but two athletes who left victorious made the contest even more memorable. The Open winner, Nick
the-ultimate-champions’-triceps-workoutAaron Singerman
The Ultimate Champions’ Triceps Workout
I T A L O The triceps may not be as popular of a muscle group to train as the biceps may be, but hitting the back of the upper arms hard will add significant
the-ultimate-champions’-biceps-workoutAaron Singerman
The Ultimate Champions’ Biceps Workout
PER BERNAL / M+F Magazine Very few people will dispute that the most popular muscle group for many gym rats is the biceps. It has its own emoji, for goodness
the-ultimate-champions-back-workoutAaron Singerman
The Ultimate Champions Back Workout
MRBIG_PHOTOGRAPHY Many beginners and trainees look to bodybuilders and physique athletes for guidance on how to build their bodies in the most effective ways possible.
ms.-olympia-andrea-shaw-shares-biceps-training-tips-on-‘fff’Aaron Singerman
Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw Shares Biceps Training Tips on ‘FFF’
Femme Flex Friday host Alina Popa decided that this week’s episode should hit the road. Well, the 2018 Rising Phoenix World Champion opted to hit the gym instead.
janet-layug-talks-and-trains-on-femme-flex-fridayAaron Singerman
Janet Layug Talks and Trains on Femme Flex Friday
This past December, Janet Layug finally reached bodybuilding’s pinnacle by winning the 2020 Bikini Olympia. On this week’s episode of Femme Flex Friday
figure-olympians-talk-training-and-cheat-meals-on-‘femme-flex-friday’Aaron Singerman
Figure Olympians Talk Training And Cheat Meals on ‘Femme Flex Friday’
This week’s episode of “Femme Flex Friday” was headlined by the top three finishers of the 2020 Figure Olympia. Alina Popa and Whitney Jones were joined