#006:-dallas-mccarver-–-an-interview-with-the-late-legend-(feb-2017)Aaron Singerman
#006: Dallas McCarver – An Interview with the Late Legend (Feb 2017)
We interviews bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, RedCon1‘s top tier athlete, who’s just 15 days out from the 2017 Arnold! Our interview with the late, great
#011:-branch-warren-–-history-and-introducing-wicked-cutz-jerkyAaron Singerman
#011: Branch Warren – History and Introducing Wicked Cutz Jerky
Matt had the honor of doing an audio interview with the legendary Branch Warren, who takes us through his upbringing, his introduction into bodybuilding
#038:-shaun-clarida-–-the-“giant-killer”-wins-212-mr.-olympia212 Mr. Olympia
#038: Shaun Clarida – The “Giant Killer” Wins 212 Mr. Olympia
On January 15th, 2021, Ben spoke with the new 212 Mr. Olympia and NutraBio athlete, Shaun “Giant Killer” Clarida. In just under 25 minutes, they cover
#023:-john-meadows-tells-all-|-granite-supplements-at-the-2019-mr.-olympiaAaron Singerman
#023: John Meadows Tells All | Granite Supplements at the 2019 Mr. Olympia
In September of 2019 at the annual Mr. Olympia convention, Ben and Mike interviewed one of our favorite sports nutrition and bodybuilding experts – John
#019:-dave-palumbo-–-species-nutrition,-snake-breeding,-and-dave’s-style-of-low-carbAaron Singerman
#019: Dave Palumbo – Species Nutrition, Snake Breeding, and Dave’s Style of Low-Carb
We were lucky enough to have the legendary Dave Palumbo of RX Muscle, Species Nutrition, and Muscle Serpents University join us for thirty minutes to introduce