why-an-experienced-lifter-should-use-a-coachAaron Singerman
Why an Experienced Lifter Should Use a Coach
Why do you think it is important for an experienced lifter to use a coach?” If you’re a coach in this industry, I want you to take a minute to look back
journaling-for-training-successAaron Singerman
Journaling for Training Success
Coaching both powerlifting and weightlifting, one of the first things that I try to instill in lifters is the importance of a training journal to record
mental-preparation-and-imagery-for-peak-performanceAaron Singerman
Mental Preparation and Imagery for Peak Performance
Have you ever watched a basketball game, and the commentator mentions an athlete being in the “zone?” It generally means that players are performing at
2-exercises-to-get-your-stalled-deadlift-moving-againAaron Singerman
2 Exercises to Get Your Stalled Deadlift Moving Again
When building a strong deadlift, two common variations are present in the strength and conditioning world—the stiff-legged deadlift (SLDL) and the Romanian
my-favorite-bar,-so-far…Aaron Singerman
My Favorite Bar, So Far…
If this were another site and I were someone else, you might think this article was about my favorite watering hole. I do have one, not because I drink
12-tips-for-a-stronger,-safer,-more-efficient-bench-pressAaron Singerman
12 Tips for a Stronger, Safer, More Efficient Bench Press
The bench press is arguably the most popular lift performed in any gym, school, or garage in America. How many people ever stop a large guy to ask how
the-misuse-of-post-activation-potentiation-and-pre-exhaust-in-powerliftingAaron Singerman
The Misuse of Post-Activation Potentiation and Pre-Exhaust in Powerlifting
There is a popular trend in powerlifting where coaches have athletes do pre-exhaust type of work before their main movements. This isn’