utilization-and-progression-of-the-romanian-deadlift-in-baseballAaron Singerman
Utilization and Progression of the Romanian Deadlift in Baseball
Romanian deadlifts (RDLs), in every form and variation, are a staple in most strength and conditioning programs in high school, collegiate, and professional baseball.
the-beauty-of-quiet-techniqueAaron Singerman
The Beauty of Quiet Technique
Sometimes the best way we can clean up our movement or our athlete’s movement isn’t by changing movement selection but by being exceptionally intentional in execution.
12-tips-for-a-stronger,-safer,-more-efficient-bench-pressAaron Singerman
12 Tips for a Stronger, Safer, More Efficient Bench Press
The bench press is arguably the most popular lift performed in any gym, school, or garage in America. How many people ever stop a large guy to ask how
never-pull-a-hamstring-againAaron Singerman
Never Pull a Hamstring Again
Hamstring injuries are the most common soft tissue injuries in team sports such as soccer, rugby, AFL, and American Football [1,2,3]. This is likely because
utilization-and-progressions-of-the-hip-thrust-in-baseballAaron Singerman
Utilization and Progressions of the Hip Thrust in Baseball
In all sports, not just baseball, having a strong posterior chain is an integral piece to performance and injury prevention. The pelvis and surrounding