does-hypertrophy-have-a-place-in-athletics?Aaron Singerman
Does Hypertrophy Have a Place in Athletics?
In the world of athletics, there seems to be a new bone of contention between coaches. In question is if hypertrophy has a place in athletics.
the-vitamin-most-women-should-be-taking-but-aren’tAaron Singerman
The Vitamin Most Women Should Be Taking But Aren’t
I wanted to share something I am really passionate about with you and that many women could benefit from. Especially if you train hard and eat right, you
why-an-experienced-lifter-should-use-a-coachAaron Singerman
Why an Experienced Lifter Should Use a Coach
Why do you think it is important for an experienced lifter to use a coach?” If you’re a coach in this industry, I want you to take a minute to look back
top-nutrition,-training,-and-lifestyle-tips-for-wrestlersAaron Singerman
Top Nutrition, Training, and Lifestyle Tips for Wrestlers
Now that wrestling season is over for most, we thought it would be great to give some great information to the wrestlers out there. This past year has
4-week-blast-for-arm-growthAaron Singerman
4-Week Blast For Arm Growth
When people choose exercises to train their arms, they often choose exercises by what kind of exercises gives the most pump. Of course, you get more pumped
the-powerbuilder-program-is-hereAaron Singerman
The Powerbuilder Program is Here
From Dave Tate  The Unity program has been a project John and I talked about for close to a decade. Last year when John approached me about doing this
a-hitchhiker’s-guide-to-the-gym-galaxyAaron Singerman
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Gym Galaxy
Introduction This column has been silent for six months. Few people would even bother to ask why: this year has hit everybody hard, from health to finances
programming-two-a-days-for-your-player’s-pre-season-and-in-seasonAaron Singerman
Programming Two-A-Days for Your Player’s Pre-Season and In-season
In my 40-plus years of training in the gym, I have probably tried every imaginable variation in training theory. As Louie’s words echo into eternity, “Everything
speed-work-for-strength-gainsAaron Singerman
Speed Work for Strength Gains
Far too often, I see people subscribing to the ‘go heavy everyday’ model. I get it; if you work hard, you’ll get results, right? Sure, but that’s only
utilization-and-progression-of-the-romanian-deadlift-in-baseballAaron Singerman
Utilization and Progression of the Romanian Deadlift in Baseball
Romanian deadlifts (RDLs), in every form and variation, are a staple in most strength and conditioning programs in high school, collegiate, and professional baseball.