through-‘glute’-force,-two-olympia-stars-aim-to-prevent-‘gymtimidation’Aaron Singerman
Through ‘Glute’ Force, Two Olympia Stars Aim to Prevent ‘Gymtimidation’
Alex Ross and Whitney Jones, aka A&W, are the best friends you never knew you had — they even say so on their website. And with friends like these
make-your-plans-for-the-olympia!!!Aaron Singerman
Make Your Plans For The Olympia!!!
As the top athletes in the world begin their contest prep, organizers of Olympia Weekend are busy preparing for the most anticipated event of the year.
ifbb-pros-talk-offseason-routines-on-this-week’s-‘femme-flex-friday’Aaron Singerman
IFBB Pros Talk Offseason Routines on This Week’s ‘Femme Flex Friday’
“Femme Flex Friday” host Alina Popa was joined once again by two-time Fitness Olympia champion Whitney Jones on the latest episode. On this edition, they
check-out-flex-lewis’-new-dragon-lair-in-las-vegasAaron Singerman
Check Out Flex Lewis’ New Dragon Lair in Las Vegas